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Milestone reached with baby steps.

January 6th, 2018

Well on the last day of 2017 I reached a small milestone in that I uploaded my 100th artwork to this site. It sounds like such a small thing but when I started I really had no idea how long it could take to build up a body of work. So I am taking it in baby steps, trying to only add my very best work and keep the mindset of quality over quantity. I think if I could reach a daily goal of two uploads or at least five per week that by the last day of 2018 my goal of 500 nice artworks will be met. Then I can set a new goal, maybe something like selling a print of all 500. Now that would be a milestone indeed! Follow me on this journey and see how well I am able to reach my goals one baby step at a time.

New kid on this block

November 15th, 2017

Well hello Fine Art America! This is my first blog post here and as you can see by the title I am a new kid on this block, but not to the online art world. I have been online at Redubble since 2013 and at Zazzle since 2015 and before that I was an avid Instagrammer and started my own blog site with Weebly which started out as a humble sharing of my instagram posts and life in rural Oklahoma but since has grown into a multiple page hub for all of my online outlets as a place where I share all kinds of things from my own artwork to features of other artists and designers, great gift ideas, resources for creative people, random bits of fluff that don't mean anything but are fun anyway and even a Scripture devotional page. I invite you to visit me there @ and use it as a launching pad to visit my other art outlets. If you do you will get to see more of my eclectic range of styles.

My art style is mainly digital art and I specialize in digital impressionism and abstracts. I make mobile digital art as well as computer generated art and I also love to do photo manipulations. I am a self taught Gimp user on my way to mastering it through trial and error, and loving every minute of it! I am also a shutterbug and use mainly my own photos to make my photo manipulations with. Occasionally I use a stock photo or two. I make art in many styles but since this is Fine Art America I will try to only post my work that fits the niche.

I hope you enjoy viewing my artwork and if you do make a purchase I thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting an independent artist!

Stirring up memories

October 21st, 2017

Stirring up memories

As I was working on this piece, it was stirring up memories of my childhood. I like to call myself an artist from the womb because there has always been this gift God gave me bubbling under the surface struggling to burst out and He gave me eyes that look at things and see the art in them. I remember growing up in as a child, being about 10 or 11 years old and my favorite outing was not the skating rink or swimming pool like all the "normal" kids. No, I wanted to go hang out at the Denver art museum all day and enter into the imaginary worlds of the paintings that I loved there. I remember a day at the museum sitting on a bench staring at a Van Gogh of wheat fields and some other artist's rendition of a homey looking house and thinking to myself, "if I could, I would just live here in the museum and never leave." That is why it is such a thrill for me to now be able to display and offer for sale some of my art, finally in my latter years I am living the dream in a way and being able to share the gift God gave me with others to hopefully spread some smiles and happiness.