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Milestone reached with baby steps.

October 9th, 2021

Milestone reached with baby steps.

Well on the last day of 2017 I reached a small milestone in that I uploaded my 100th artwork to this site. It sounds like such a small thing but when I started I really had no idea how long it could take to build up a body of work. So I am taking it in baby steps, trying to only add my very best work and keep the mindset of quality over quantity. I think if I could reach a daily goal of two uploads or at least five per week that by the last day of 2018 my goal of 500 nice artworks will be met. Then I can set a new goal, maybe something like selling a print of all 500. Now that would be a milestone indeed! Follow me on this journey and see how well I am able to reach my goals one baby step at a time.

Update: On Oct 9 2021 I realized this post needed a photo. I went back and counted my posts in the order I made them and this was the 100th piece of artwork that I uploaded that day. I thought to myself, "how perfect that it is a piece featuring babies for a post named "Baby Steps"

Dammit Jim, I'm an artist not a...

August 11th, 2020

Dammit Jim, I

So you fill in the blank of the title and you will still have the truth. For the purpose of this blog post though I will fill in the blank for you. Dammit Jim, I'm an artist not a writer. I just realized that I haven't written a blog for this site in over 2 years. Shame on me, ha ha.

Honestly I have about 6 blogs besides this one floating around out there and only one of them do I post to with any regularity. I have no idea if anyone even reads my blogs and I am always tempted to start each new post with the words "Dear Diary" because I think I am my only reader.

So what should I write about? hmmm, I don't know. Dear diary, today I made some art. yesterday I sold some art but not here. Does blogging here help sell art? Well anyway I am back to where I started.

If my blog posts are few and far between and seem to have no purpose my excuse is I'm an artist not a blogger. :)

On Becoming a Digital Artist

December 27th, 2018

On Becoming a Digital Artist

On Becoming a Digital Artist
by Shelli Fitzpatrick

I’ve always been an artist, but I have only recently realized that I’ve become a digital artist and how that happened is really quite incidental.

I never thought of myself as a starving artist, even though I was close to being starved for creative outlets due to my financial estate of barely above the poverty line while I struggled as a waitress to raise two children on my tips.

We didn’t go hungry but I also didn’t have money to spare for art supplies so I became very resourceful and used whatever medium was available at the moment.

I drew on napkins and school notebook paper with ink pens and pencils, until once, when I found some left over model paints at a yard sale and some clay pots, I used toothpicks for brushes and painted the pots with those enamel model paints.

Then I bought cheap acrylic paints and miniature wooden boxes and painted them. I planted cactus in the pots and glued felt in the boxes and these became Christmas gifts for family and friends.

I would also hodge-podge my drawings onto wooden plaques and give them away not realizing that I had no record of any of this art for the future or that I might need one someday, so nearly all of my early work is undocumented.

Once my kids were on their own, I acquired a laptop and began dabbling in digital art with simple paint programs which produced very primitive and naive art and saving it all to my hard drives.

Then my daughter gave me a digital camera and I discovered a love for snapping photos and especially macro photography.

I started thinking of ways to make my average but decent photos into one of a kind unique works of art and that is when I got my first iPhone.

Things started getting serious from there when I signed up for Instagram and learned about all the amazing art apps for iPhone and started participating in Instagram challenges and groups.

From there I started to develop my own digital techniques of photo manipulation, glitch art and app stacking trying to create my own personal style.
I discovered I have a passion for creating abstract art and digital impressionist paintings from my photographs.

Over the past five years I have been mastering the use of Gimp software which is an alternative to Photoshop, and now days digital is about the only medium I ever use to make art.

My latest adventure has taken me into the world of fractal art with an amazing app that allows me not only to discover beautiful fractal landscapes but to tweak and manipulate them into truly unique art that I hope will become recognized as my fractal style.

And so that is how I came to realize that I am not just an artist but I am a digital artist for better or worse... and I love this digital medium because it is so versatile and elastic and seems to have endless possibilities for creating art!

Stirring up memories

October 21st, 2017

Stirring up memories

As I was working on this piece, it was stirring up memories of my childhood. I like to call myself an artist from the womb because there has always been this gift God gave me bubbling under the surface struggling to burst out and He gave me eyes that look at things and see the art in them. I remember growing up in as a child, being about 10 or 11 years old and my favorite outing was not the skating rink or swimming pool like all the "normal" kids. No, I wanted to go hang out at the Denver art museum all day and enter into the imaginary worlds of the paintings that I loved there. I remember a day at the museum sitting on a bench staring at a Van Gogh of wheat fields and some other artist's rendition of a homey looking house and thinking to myself, "if I could, I would just live here in the museum and never leave." That is why it is such a thrill for me to now be able to display and offer for sale some of my art, finally in my latter years I am living the dream in a way and being able to share the gift God gave me with others to hopefully spread some smiles and happiness.